Genuine American Tyre Sealants

Only Top Quality Tyre Sealants
Punctureseal and Ultraseal

With over 10 years experience installing tyre sealants for both domestic and business users, you can depend on Cheshire Tyre Sealants. We use only top quality tyre sealants.

We use Genuine Ultraseal from the USA

proven over 49 years and used worldwide in millions of tyres.

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We Supply & Install

We install for you in and around the Cheshire area. Installing is quick, clean and accurate. We use the Ultraseal manufacturer's authentic equipmant to install the exact quantity of tyre sealant for your tyres and then set your tyres to the correct pressure.
Weekend installations available at no extra cost.

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Or Supply Only

If you wish to install into your own fleet we will supply the correct grade of sealant for your needs as well as an installing pump, quantity charts & full instructions. We can also give training demonstrations.

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28 minutes to live?

Department of Transport statistics show that being on a hard shoulder of a motorway carries the risk of fatal injury in an average of 28 minutes. Quite apart from the costs and delays of punctures, do you want to put yourself or others to this risk?



Better than FREE?
Typically twice the cost back in tyre and fuel savings alone.

Un-treated tyres lose air due to natural air migration, resulting in more rolling resistance and excess heat causing the tyre to wear out sooner. More rolling resistance also means higher fuel costs.

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See Ultraseal in action
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The ad was made in 1991 (Ultraseal has been on the market since 1969) Ultraseal is the world leading tyre sealant with good reason, it actually works.

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